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Volkswagen enthusiast!


My name is Mark Youngquist and first of all, I'm a Volkswagen fanatic! I've been working on, restoring and racing various Volkswagen models since 1985. I have a "real" job and do this strictly as a hobby. I specialize in MK1, Cabriolet, Corrado, GTI and  Caddy (pick up) models. 

Whatever it takes!


When I go through a car, I not only make sure it's no longer a "project" mechanically, but it's cosmetically finished as well. I do all the service work, install new convertible tops, have all dents removed, minor paintwork done, wheels refinished, and completely detail the car.

Satisfied Customers!


In the last few years I've bought and sold more than two dozen vehicles. I work closely with my customers to take the worry out of buying and shipping ensuring they are happy with the vehicle. I make sure they understand they can call with any issues that may arise.

Recent Testimonials

Mark C.


"I couldn't be happier with the GTI. I have no reservations or regrets after purchase which is a surprise to most people. There's plenty of horror stories out there about people buying cars on eBay or other websites that don't see the car prior to purchase. Mark is different. I feel he's an honest guy and he went out of his way to help me with making it easy.”

Reid C.


"It's only been two weeks, but I am very happy with the Cabriolet, which I bought for my wife. It had only 40,000 miles (Carfaxed) despite being a 1988, and the interior especially is immaculate. Best of all, Mark has been a great communicator. Any questions I have, he responds promptly. He doesn't just make the sale and then hide with his money. I know I can count on him regarding any questions I have  today or six months from now."

Kevin F.


"I have been restoring old Volkswagens to original condition as a hobby for over forty years and have bought cars from many people. I wanted to buy a water-cooled Volkswagen that I could just drive and enjoy. The 1993 Volkswagen Cabriolet that I bought from Mark is a wonderful car and it is exactly what was described. These days when so many people are scamming others it is nice to know one who can be trusted and is very honest. Mark made my purchase a pleasure and I was able to buy a car without any worries."

Eric B.


"I love the GTI I bought from Mark. The car was in fantastic condition and drives just as good as it did in 1984 - I'm amazed at how quickly it starts every time I turn the key. This was my first time buying a car sight-unseen (I live in California) but his communication was such that I never had any worries about trust at all. He's also been great about answering any questions I have and I know I can count on his help down the road."

Eric W.


“I purchased a 1989 Cabriolet from Mark for my wife, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision. Mark makes the used car buying experience very easy. He is only a phone call or text away if you have any questions about the vehicle or the process of purchasing a vehicle. It’s tough buying a car online, sight unseen, but Mark answered every single question I had honestly. It’s good to know how much pride he takes in working on these vehicles and that there are still trustworthy people to buy used cars from. Thanks Mark”.



“It’s got some dents but a PDR guy could take them out”, as noted by a recent comment, is often seen – but no issue here, as they’re already done. The “could use” list is shortened to just needing a new driver, as the repaint and reconditioning has resolved many of the typical faults. I especially like that the seller went above and beyond. This isn’t simply a cosmetic restoration, but they refreshed the suspension and even electric relays."

Russell T.


"My wife wanted me to find the Cabriolet she once owned in High School and after some searching online I found Mark. He immediately sent pictures of the car he was currently working on. It happened to be what she wanted so we purchased it. The entire transaction was smooth and he also helped with shipping. Once received, the car was in great condition inside and out. Great experience with an honest seller and my wife couldn't be happier."

Gretchen M.

"Just got the car! It's beautiful - thank you so much. It was a pleasure doing business with you"

"Just got the car! It's beautiful - thank you so much, it was a pleasure doing business with you!"

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If you are looking for ...or have one for sale.

I'm always looking for low mile Cabriolets, GTI's, Rabbit trucks, etc. that have minor mechanical or cosmetic issues. I enjoy working on Volkswagens, and have experienced quite a number of issues with them. Feel free to call if you have any questions! I'm generally working on several "project cars" at any given time.


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